Quick and Easy Recipe

24 Apr

“Hi Jane! I was wondering if you had any quick and easy recipes for a single girl on the go? Something healthy, too!”
-Hungry (Houston, TX)

Hello, Hungry in Houston!

First of all – I just want to thank you for being my first guest on Ask Jane Gold. Secondly, I absolutely have a good recipe for you! It’s my little one serving, easy to prepare and make, go-to: zucchini and chicken stir fry dish.

You will need one whole zucchini, one chicken breast, soy sauce, and Montreal Steak Seasoning. In my case, I always have a bag of frozen chicken breast in my freezer, so before I do anything, I get a breast out and put it in a bowl in my sink and turn on the faucet the hottest it will go and have that water running over the breast to defrost it while I do everything else. Next, I get out my wok and put it on the stove and turn the heat up to a 7 out of 10 in heat, a put about a table spoon of olive oil in it. Then, I cut the zucchini in half long-ways, and then do the same thing to the two halves, and then cut each spear into three bite size pieces, and throw them into my wok (a frying pan works perfectly fine, too) to start cooking while I cut up the defrosted chicken breast. After the chicken is defrosted (if you plan ahead and have a breast defrosted the day before – this will cut a good amount of time out), I slice it up into relatively small pieces because the smaller the piece, the faster it will cook. After it’s cut up, I throw it into the wok with the already-cooking zucchini.

Next comes the flavor!

I get out my soy sauce and do a zig zag (however much you like) across the cooking veggies and meat. Then, I get my Montreal Steak Seasoning and shake that sucker until all the zucchini pieces and chicken pieces are speckled in it’s goodness.

Then, you just let it cook until the chicken is done! Once you get a hang of the prep, this can be cone in ten to fifteen minutes – tops. It also keeps really well and can be eaten for lunch the next day, too!

As a side note – you obviously don’t have to use the specific seasoning I mentioned and can get creative and make it your own. But, I have never once heard a complaint of how well the Montreal Steak Seasoning compliments the juiciness of the zucchini.

Alright, that is all for today. Do you have a cooking question? Shoot it my way! Or maybe some relationship flub that needs working out? I truly can cater (get it?) to any part of life you might need advice with.



Hi, my name is Jane Gold.

22 Apr

Or at least that will be what I go by in this advice column.

As my first entry, I just want to let you know that even though I do not know who you are, I absolutely care what you have to say and what might be going on in your life. No matter how minuscule or gargantuan the question or situation might seem – I guarantee that you will have my best possible advice coming back to you in a timely manner.

Since I am just getting started, I definitely aim to answer every question that gets sent to me (within reason – if you send in an inappropriate or sarcastic question, I probably won’t answer… but hey, I have a sense of humor, too). Please send any and all questions to askjanegold@hotmail.com. Yes, I just have a simple hotmail email address as it stands right now. Yes, it irks me that I don’t have something more professional or official sounding (in my dreams, I’d love to have askjane@goldenadvice.com or something clever like that), but that will have to do for now until I can afford my own domain name.

Your questions can come in simple question form (i.e. “What should I wear on a rainy day?”), or in complex form (i.e. “Hey Jane. Let me tell you my life story so you can get a feel of how sticky my situation is….”) – either way, it will get posted along with my response onto this blog. So, spill your guts.

Alright, that’s all for now. I’m hoping to get a few questions over the next twenty-four hours or couple of days to kick this off. I am also going to be working on the appearance of the blog and a possible domain name.

Jane Gold